To register with GTMF1A, simply join the Discord, or take an in-game invite from one of our Representatives. 


Join and prove yourself

Once you join the Discord, you’ll be assigned the Role of Rookie automatically.

You’ll have access to the #help-offered channel and can shout up when you are ready to help an existing member.

Once you have completed an activity with us, you will be able to ask an existing member to give you a Vote.

Once you receive your first vote (10 XP) you’ll be auto-promoted to Muscle and can then ask the Crew for help with your own activities.


Help & Advice

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to help and advice from other members. Whether you’ve just started, or are looking to achieve some of the more difficult challenges, you’ll find other players to help, work with and learn from.

Weekly Events

Whether you want to set up a fun weekly group to do whatever you feel like, a set time each week to help each other sell businesses, or weekly air or land events, you can use our website and Discord to arrange this.

Connect With Other Players

Fed up of looking for groups; being sat in a lobby waiting for a 4th only for them to blow you up before you’re out the blocks?

Our unique voting system means every member has been approved by another, and you can see at a glance that you’re going to find reliable, fun people to play with.

Website Support

This website isn’t intended to replace the Wikis, Youtube or other valuable sources of information out there. We provide quick, at-a-glance info to help you get started in the game, check info at-a-glance, and communicate with the Crew, all in an easy-to-use, mobile friendly website.


What’s Coming

The website is in build right now. As we take on our first members and set up a leadership structure, here’s what you can look forward to seeing.

Mobile Friendly

The site is fully optimised for mobile so you can quickly grab reference info in one place – whether its Simeon’s car list or how to outfit your Avenger.


Quick Guides

Quick Guides to help you make money fast, advise you on what to buy first, the best weaponry, quick guides to heists, missions and events.

Events Pages

As we set up regular and one-off events, they will appear on the website and Discord – so the site will constantly evolve. Members can create events and post them here; they will autopost to Discord.

Join up now

We are currently taking on new members for the PS4 platform only. If you want to become part of a well-organised, mature Crew then now’s the time to get in contact if you would like to become part of leadership or run our Xbox or PC wings.