Rank up to get benefits and organise sub-teams, events and statics.



Crew Rank Titles are allocated automatically by the game as you participate in online activities while signed into our crew.

You will automatically gain in-game ranks within GTA:Online.

Your Rank reflects your in-game standing within the Crew. It will contribute in part to your Role within the Crew; but its advisable to participate on Discord too to get a higher Role.


0-10: Rookie
11-20: Recruit
21-30: Soldier
31-40: Midnight Cowboy
41-50: Enforcer
51-60: Facilitator
61-70: Warlord
71-80: War Machine
81-90: Warlord
91-100: Representative*

*If you achieve this rank in-game, you’ll get an auto-promote through the roles on Discord and in-game to Representative.



Roles are allocated both in the game (manually by a Commissioner or higher) and on Discord.

Your role gets you access to various Privileges within the Crew.

You do not automatically attain higher Roles – these are earnt via other users voting for you within Discord, or via our Crew Rules where you can earn higher Roles by helping out-of-game, on Discord, with the websiteni, etc.


Commissioners: can promote and invite new members. Access to all of Discord

Lieutenants: Can demote you, and invite new members.

 Representatives: Can invite new members.

Muscle: 1 level off Rookie. Can write on wall.


Commissioners: can promote and invite new members. Access to all of Discord and management decisions.

Lieutenants: Can demote you, and invite new members. Can arrange and run regular events on the website, Discord and set up static groups. Access to their own channel.

 Representatives: Can invite new members, ask for help, and organise one-off events. Access to their own channel.

Muscle: is given on an in-game join. Remain on probation as Rookies in Discord, however, until they receive their first vote. Can post in Muscle channel and ask for help.

Rookie: given on a Discord join. Once you complete an activity with the squad and receive a vote, you’ll be promoted to Muscle. Can only post in Rookies channel and offer help.



If you want to join GT MilForce 1-Alpha, you need to rethink your gameplay. Appearing in our Discord asking for a Bogdan or help to sell is the wrong attitude; move on.

To join us, come into the Discord and help a member. You’ll be rated on your ability to participate and communicate.

Once you pass Rookie, you’ll get access to other serious players.

Fuck around and you’re out, no second chances.



Join the Discord and offer your play time. You’ll be contacted and asked to participate in a job. Once you work with us, you’ll be rated and ranked.

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Once ranked, you’ll get access to our simple training events. Learn to dogfight, utilise military hardware and work within a team.

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This is a new squadron. The leaders have run gaming squadrons for over 30 years. Learn to lead and set your own goals.

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Public Information

We offer public information to help all GTA players improve. You can access several area of our website without being part of the Crew. We hope it helps. Click the links below to find out more.