Quick Guide to the Nightclub
The Nightclub opens you up to some fun missions and music, but more importantly allows you to increase return and solo grinding from your sub-businesses.



We’re not seeking to rewrite the Wiki here. You can click the link at the top to read more about the details; this will give you the quick rundown and a fast reference to read when you are playing.

Buying Guide

As ever, try to wait until things are on sale before you buy. You’ll want to save a bit extra and buy in a good location to make things easier to work with other players. Strawberry is the best location, but others work equally well.


Strawberry is the best location to buy. Also more dangerous for PVP…..


Staff first, then Equipment. Additional storage after sub-businesses are running.


Fetch & book DJs, maintain popularity.
Accrue goods for sale.


Quick Start

Once you buy your Nightclub, you’ll be sent on an easy fetch quest to grab the sound system and first DJ, Solomun.

Once you have it up and running, it will accrue money, up to $10,000 per game day.

The best approach is to let popularity run down to zero 4 times, then spend $100k to get the next DJ. After that at 90% popularity spend $10k to rebook.



Once set up, you will quickly get bored of the actual Nightclub management. 

You can look into the stats below, but basically once you have all DJs, just rebook a DJ at 80-90% popularity to keep profitable.

Whats more important (although sadly a bit buggy) is accruing goods from your MC Club sub-businesses. Sell missions are always one vehicle so are easy done solo, and can be very lucrative with all sub-businesses linked and maxed.


NIGHTCLUB Management


You’ll can be a CEO or MC President; so while Solo and doing goods or promo, stay as a CEO for Buzzard and no daily fees/attacks, move to an MC if you are getting help to give associates better pay.

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Resupply is fully automatic and continues regardless of if your sub-businesses have supplies.

You can rebook DJs from the Arcade’s Master Control Terminal also, but you can’t from the Terrorbyte or MOC.

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Selling is always a single vehicle so can always be done solo.

So although the Nightclub is one of the most expensive businesses in terms of overall assets, once maxed, its the best solo money you can get.

Of particular note: never buy the Mule Custom. Go straight to the Pounder.

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Depending which sub-businesses you own you’ll be able to accrue sets of items (cocaine, forged documents, cargo etc) to a cap dependent on how many storage floors you’ve added.

You can sell custom “collections” or just sell everything in one go.

Detailed Figures


The Nightclub comes with one garage floor with a single traditional vehicle parking space, a Vapid Speedo van, and spaces for delivery vehicle and the Terrorbyte.

Adding additional garage floors gives a further 10 traditional spaces.

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Once you buy your Terrorbyte, you’ll be able to store and upgrade the Oppressor MkII using the Specialized Vehicle Workshop.

You can also buy upgraded delivery vehicles to improve your deliveries.

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Other options

° Security Upgrade
° Staff Upgrade
° Style
° Equipment Upgrade
° Personal Quarters



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