Quick Guide to Hangars
Hangars allow you to store and modify Personal Aircraft, together with running Air Cargo missions.


Hangar Quick Guide

We’re not seeking to rewrite the Wiki here. You can click the link at the top to read more about the details; this will give you the quick rundown and a fast reference to read when you are playing.

Buying Guide

As ever, try to wait until things are on sale before you buy. You’ll want to save a bit extra and buy in a good location to make things easier to work with other players. You can choose LSIA for convenience, or Fort Zancudo to get the bonus of access without a wanted level to the military base.


Down to you with LSIA or Zancudo as choices.


No major upgrades required; the Aircraft Workshop is the most critical.


Air Cargo mission, aircraft customisation & storage/collection of personal aircraft.


Quick Start

Once you buy your Hangar, you’re able to use it straight away. You are given a free Cuban 800 which is a tough little plane.

You can get started on collecting the Hangar’s version of Special Cargo, Air Cargo, but note that selling missions are a little more difficult. Arguably, so are the supply missions.

And of course you can now colour and weaponize post-Smugglers Run aircraft and helicopters.



The Hangar allows you to purchase and store (and then recall as Personal Vehicles) a variety of aircraft, both for pleasure, roleplay and warfare.

Like the Special Cargo Warehouse, you can accrue stock and sell it in some very testing missions, both for acquiring and disposing of stock.

You can customise your vehicles cosmetically, and for post-Smugglers run vehicles, customise armour, handling, weaponry and counter-measures.


Hangar Management


You’ll need to be a CEO or VIP to run supply missions from your Hangar.

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There are no stocks to resupply, like the Special Cargo Warehouse its all fetch quests.

Stock will accrue bonuses for stacking stock types:

Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Gemstones:
60% bonus for 50. $800K. (12% per 10 crates)

Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Narcotics:
70% bonus 50. $850K. (35% per 25 crates)

Counterfeit Goods, Tobacco & Alcohol:
50% bonus for 50. $750K. (5% per 5 crates)


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Selling missions follow this format:

1-10 crates:
1 vehicle. If Havok mission then 3x. If Ultralight mission then 2x.

11-25 crates:
2 Vehicles. If Havok mission then 6x. Skylift 2x. Ultralight mission then 3x.

26-50 crates:
3 Vehicles. Havok mission then 8x. Skylift 2x. Ultralight mission then 3x.

Bombushka always 1 vehicle.

Bombushka & Ultralight missions are disabled when playing solo.


Selling Info


The Hangar may not offer as much instant gratification in terms of quick profit as Special Cargo or Vehicle Work due to the difficulty in selling.

But full hangar sales are a massive one-off payout; both fun and a test of skill.

Missions for Profit


The Hangar cannot be entered by any land vehicle.

Flying a Pegasus vehicle into the Hangar will convert it to a Personal Aircraft that you can then call via the Vehicles quick menu.

You can store up to 20 Aircraft with approx 8-10 on the main floor.

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Once you load in Personal Aircraft and the Aircraft Workshop, you can upgrade armor, bombs, countermeasures and weaponry on all aircraft introduced post-Smugglers Run. All aircraft can be painted.

This means you can create some very naughty machines.

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