This page assumes you are brand new to GTA:Online and are looking to get a quick leg up. By the time you’ve worked through these beginning steps, which can be done solo, you’ll be well ready to move on with MF1A.


Your First Session

Once you get signed in and create your character, make sure to play through the intro mission to the end. Failure to do so can cause instancing issues later on in the game.


Don’t buy anything you don’t need to

Your initial goal is just to accrue funds as quickly as possible so you can get yourself up with a few assets that will make money for you easily and long-termly. Don’t waste cash on clothes, weapons, cars or anything else to begin with.

Every little helps, just accrue dollars.


Keep an eye out for bonuses and discounts

Each week we will publish all the weekly bonuses, discounts and double-money/RP events in #weekly-bonuses so you can be effective with your spending.

For now, if you have Amazon Prime, get linked up to Twitch Prime for the first bonuses, but read on before spending.


Get the free stuff when you can store it

Available all the time are free cars, seaplanes, subs, bikes etc on the websites within the game.

Most vehicles can be called via Pegasus but you’ll need a garage to store cars. They’re free, so feel free to experiment and lose some. Don’t buy a garage yet…..


First Steps in Getting Set up in GTA: Online

Have a play around (0-7)

There’s plenty to do, so start by having a play around. Don’t accept missions or heists, you’ll likely be kicked out or messed around. Keep an eye out for texts from Simeon, sell cars to Los Santos customs (up to 7 per 24h, one per 48mins/in-game hour), hold up some stores, and get to level 7.

Sightseer and Flight School ($50k +)

Once you have $50k in the bank account, you can register as a CEO and do the VIP mission “Sightseer”. This gives you a quick $25k or so and you can alt it with Meth’d Up, Headhunter etc (steal a Helicopter first). Do the San Andreas Flight School for a couple hundred thousand and some flying experience; the Stone Hatchet and Double-Action Revolver sidequests will get you $250k each as well.

Special Cargo Work

At this point you’ll be ready to start helping others in MF1A with their business sales, while you alternate with your VIP work and filling your Special Cargo Warehouse. Once you’ve helped out an MF1A member you will rank up to Muscle and can ask for help selling your warehouse when its full.

Vehicle Work

You should be well set up by now. Keep filling your vehicle warehouse with Low and Mid-range vehicles, but never sell them. Only sell the Top-range and try to get Collections together, for which you will need help to sell. Once you are full on L & M, you will only ever get top-range missions and can turn $80k a sale solo.

Meth'd Up (7-14)

The mission Meth’d Up for Gerald becomes available pretty early on, gets you some experience and cash; and can be done with only a small cooldown. Get yourself up to $50k in cash, then use the web to find your nearest helicopter. You can also try the mission “Headhunter”, or try Adversary mode.

Your First Million

The first million is the hardest. As soon as you get it ($1.1m approx) buy the cheapest office for free VIP and snacks, keep selling cars, doing your VIP work, selling to Simeon and LS Customs, and get another $250k – then you will buy a small Special Cargo Warehouse. Remember, as a CEO you can call a Buzzard chopper quickly to get around the map, and call Lester to find choppers for free.

Other Activities & Vehicle Warehouse

You should be spinning the Lucky Wheel at the Casino and grabbing your daily visitor bonus once every 24 hours. Keep at your cargo sales until you have enough for the first Vehicle Warehouse, which you must have the Office to buy. Once you can do Vehicle Work, money becomes much easier.

Your Choice!

By this point you’ll be experienced enough to choose what you want to do. Keeping an eye on the weekly discounts may inform your choices, and we’ll go into detail on all businesses and tips, further on in the website. Usual progression is bunker + upgrades, then motorcycle club, then coke + upgrades, and onwards from there.


Public Information

We offer public information to help all GTA players improve. You can access several area of our website without being part of the Crew. We hope it helps. Click the links below to find out more.