Quick Guide to Clubhouses
On their own, clubhouses provide you with a wealth of Motorcycle Club (MC) activities, vehicles and roleplay. They also open up the 5 sub-businesses, and the initial purchase is really cheap! Lots, in short.


Clubhouse Quick Guide

We’re not seeking to rewrite the Wiki here. You can click the link at the top to read more about the details; this will give you the quick rundown and a fast reference to read when you are playing.

Buying Guide

As ever, try to wait until things are on sale before you buy. Clubhouses are located all over the map, so your other businesses will inform your choice. We recommend Del Perro Beach; note that you get 1 or 2 floors dependent on location.


Down to you; we recommend Del Perro Beach; number of floors is up to you.


No major upgrades required; its all cosmetic aside from Gun Locker.


Lots of activities and 5 sub-businesses, this is a massive game-changer.


Quick Start

Once you buy your Clubhouse, you can immediately use the notice board to do MC work, and when registered as an MC President you’ll be able to hire Prospects and do MC missions.

You’ll likely want to start a sub-business pretty quickly, recommended Coke then Meth > Weed > Forgery > Cash.



The Bikers update was HUGE.

Plenty of special MC work to do, bike customisation, general roleplay plus 5 sub-businesses that automatically accrue money in the background, and defence play reminiscent of Vice City make a Clubhouse a great purchase that keeps on giving as you expand it.


MC CLUB Management


You’ll need to be an MC President. Some businesses like the Nightclub can be operated as either MCP or CEO, most sub-businesses require MCP.

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All the sub-businesses require resupplying via either purchase or theft.

You can do this from an MCT, a Terrorbyte (theft only), the clubhouse or the sub-business locations.

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Selling missions are generally the same for each sub-business.

Selling “across the border” from Blaine County to Los Santos or vice versa gives you 50% bonus.

Vehicles required varies; as a rule of thumb, stock less than or equal to 1.25 bars will always use one vehicle for delivery

Selling Info


In general you’ll pull $100-300k from a full sale, dependent on your upgrades.

Profitability depends on whether you grind supplies via stealing, or purchase them. 

Its arguable that you can make money faster purchasing supplies, then doing something else. But its a lot of fun selling and stealing as a team, and Prospects earn well.

Profitability Tables


The Clubhouse on its own provides storage for up to 10 motorcyles.

You can glitch vehicles into the Clubhouse, but as ever this carries the risk of losing your vehicle; just enjoy your bikes. They are fast to get around upon.

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Additional options include living quarters, the Gun Locker, and many other cosmetic options plus a Bike Workshop.

Plenty to get your teeth into.

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Other options

° Murals
° Style
° Cosmetics
° Gun Locker



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