Quick Guide to the Bunker
The Bunker opens you up to Gunrunning, the Weapons Workshop, the MOC and several other missions and opportunities.


Bunker Quick Guide

We’re not seeking to rewrite the Wiki here. You can click the link at the top to read more about the details; this will give you the quick rundown and a fast reference to read when you are playing.

Buying Guide

As ever, try to wait until things are on sale before you buy. You’ll want to save a bit extra and buy in a good location to make things easier to work with other players. Farmhouse is the best location, but others work equally well.


Farmhouse is the best location to buy. Also more dangerous for PVP…..


As with any business you’ll want to upgrade ASAP. Staff first, then Equipment.


Accrue supplies to sell. Research weapons for vehicles and handheld.


Quick Start

Once you buy your bunker, you’ll be sent on an easy fetch quest to grab the initial Supplies.

Once you have Supplies, you can allocate your staff to Research, Manufacturing or a mixture of both.

Initially you’ll want to stick to Manufacturing if you’re looking to recoup your investment, with the Research only being useful if you have cash to spend on the vehicles and weapons it applies to.


Gather and Research Weapons

Once set up, you will gather and research weapons. With the Bunker comes the opportunity to buy, store and use the Mobile Operations Centre, a Mack truck which can be loaded with a weapons workshop, weaponized vehicle workshop and other modifications.

Selling a fully upgraded Bunker will net you approx $1m and requires 3-4 people on a 15-minute timer.


Bunker Management


You’ll need to be a CEO or MC President; so while Solo and accruing goods, stay as a CEO for Buzzard and no daily fees/attacks, move to an MC if you are getting help to give associates better pay.

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You can buy or steal stock; the latter is time-consuming but there is a trick you can use.

You can resupply from the Arcade’s Master Control Terminal also, where you can buy, but you can’t buy from the Terrorbyte or MOC.

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Dependent on your stock level you will need the following amount of helpers:

0-25: 1
26-50: 1-2
51-75: 2-3
76-100: 2-4

Selling stock further afield will earn you approx 30% more.

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Full stock is 100 units. You can Buy 20 for $15k, up to 100 for $75k, or Steal for free, where you’ll get 20 with a chance to double that for every player that helps you Steal.

You’ll get better sales prices with upgrades and selling to Los Santos.

Detailed Figures


The Bunker has no traditional vehicle storage spaces. You can drive any vehicle into it, but it will not stay there permanently.

It does have parking/storage space for the Mobile Operations Centre and Anti-Aircraft Trailer.

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Once you park your AA trailer or MOC, you’ll be able to use the Bunker Vehicle Workshop to upgrade these vehicles.

There’s also an optional shooting range where you can level up your weapon skill.

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Other options

° Security Upgrade
° Gun Locker
° Style
° Transportation
° Personal Quarters



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