Quick Guide to the Arcade
Arcades are, well, Arcades. They feature lots of playable minigames. Below them, are underground bases that give players access to the Diamond Casino Heist planning room, and can store a Master Control Terminal, Weapons Workshop and Personal Vehicles.


ARCADE Quick Guide

We’re not seeking to rewrite the Wiki here. You can click the link at the top to read more about the details; this will give you the quick rundown and a fast reference to read when you are playing.

Buying Guide

As ever, try to wait until things are on sale before you buy. You’ll want to save a bit extra and buy in a good location to make things easier to work with other players. Videogeddon/La Mesa is the best location, but others work equally well.

Note that you can often get an Arcade in Paleto Bay FREE with Twitch Prime.


Videogeddon is the best location.

If you have the cash for an MCT, and/or Twitch Prime, you may want to put this elsewhere.


Literally 2 or 3 machines at $2-400k each, spread around, will max your earnings.

The MCT is the killer upgrade here.


Diamond Casino Heist is the big one. Daily earnings of $5k per in-game hour aren’t to be sniffed at.

Garage, storage, and of course the MCT. Lots.


Quick Start

Once you buy your Arcade, you’ll have a couple of easy fetch quests to get it running.

Following that its wise to spend $700k or so buying 2-3 machines, and filling the floor space (you can use each machine multiple times).

You should quickly be earning $5k per in-game day. MCT is the next big purchase, and you can start Casino Heist for yourself.



The Arcade gives you the Casino Heist, one of the most replayable and best in the game in terms of payout.

It also gives you the Master Control Terminal, which is invaluable if you have multiple sub-businesses.

You’ll also get a “free” Weapons Workshop if you purchase it as part of the heist, and a VERY cheap Gun Locker with the Personal Quarters.


Arcade Management


You need no role, the Arcade accrues as long as you are in Freemode (but not during missions/heists/races).

When using the MCT, its a little funky, but generally logging in as an MC Pres, quickly restocking and quitting is fastest.

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The MCT gives you the ability to not only restock via Steal like the Terrorbyte, but to restock via purchase, change DJs, and start all Business Sales direct from the Arcade.

You still have to travel to the business if the mission triggers from there.

Supplies Info


There’s nothing to sell from an Arcade directly, but with the Master Control Terminal, you can trigger all Business Sales; you will still have to travel to the business to collect the delivery vehicles so this is usually a waste of time.

You can also operate drones and a few others from Arcade.

Selling Info


Running Casino Heist missions can be very profitable with a trustworthy team, especially as you move onwards to the higher level missions.

The general daily profit is not to be sniffed at, and the MCT adds a whole new level in terms of speed.

Missions for Profit


The Arcade offers an additional single Garade with 10 traditional parking spaces.

It also shows Karin Sultans and other Casino Heist vehicles in the side loading bays.

More on Parking


The Personal Quarters give a free Gun Locker. You can buy a Weapons Locker as part of the Casino Heist once prep is done and use it as per any other.

You also get a Drone Station if you buy it, making an Arcade/MCT combination better than a Terrorbyte.

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Other options

° Drone Station
° Gun Locker
° Style + Garage
° Master Control Terminal
° Personal Quarters
° Weapon Workshop



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