GTA // <Military Force 1-Alpha>
Welcome to a new way of playing


A Crew for Serious Players

No joining, shouting for help then leaving. Here, you offer help, rank up from your work, and get access to long-term mates, players and teams; no drama, easy money, good fun and high-level gameplay.


Rookies need to help with 1 or 2 activities to gain access to upper eschelons.


Players can work with other Players to run weekly events, static groups, and help Rookies to rank up.


Officers have access to military hardware and support. Millions can be made.

If you want to join GT MilForce 1-Alpha, you need to rethink your gameplay. Appearing in our Discord asking for a Bogdan or help to sell is the wrong attitude; move on.

To join us, come into the Discord and help a member. You’ll be rated on your ability to participate and communicate.

Once you pass Rookie, you’ll get access to other serious players.

Excessive help requests and refusal to be part of a team (self-serving behaviour) isn’t tolerated. Having a laugh and playing regularly together, is our ethos.



Join the Discord and offer your play time. You’ll be contacted and asked to participate in a job. Once you work with us, you’ll be rated and ranked.

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Once ranked, you’ll get access to our simple training events. Learn to dogfight, utilise military hardware and work within a team.

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This is a new squadron. The leaders have run gaming squadrons for over 30 years. Learn to lead and set your own goals.

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Public Information

We offer public information to help all GTA players improve. You can access several area of our website without being part of the Crew. We hope it helps. Click the links below to find out more.